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Update by user Nov 01, 2018

My credit card company gave me my money back but they didn't follow up with HelloFresh. A week or two later, I got a phone call from HelloFresh asking how I like them so far.

I told the rep what happened, and the fact that my credit card company reimbursed me. I have no way of knowing whether HelloFresh is concerned about this, as there was no communication from the charge card company. When it's a small charge, I've learned that credit card companies don't follow up with the offending company.

It's more cost effective for the credit card company to simply reimburse the consumer and be done with it. But it doesn't hold companies accountable.

Original review posted by user Oct 02, 2018

Last week I picked up my Tunnel to Towers Race packet and it had in it two gift cards so I decided to look at the HelloFresh website to see what the meals are about and to see how the website works. I had not yet decided whether I wanted to order anything. So I created an account and selected some meals to see everything and navigate around.

I tried their promo code instead of mine, I tried looking at some meals, and tried to figure out what I have to do to check out which I never did figure out. I found the user interface to be confusing, and also found the selection to be too limited for my needs. So I decided against using the website and abandoned it. I did receive four emails, none of which had a subject title indicating that an order had been placed or confirmed. In fact, the most recent of the four emails had this subject line: Here's 60% off to complete your HelloFresh checkout. So I was done.

Today to my surprise I found a charge on my card for $33.94. So first I went into the website immediately and cancelled my account. Then I called Hellofresh and eventually escalated to management. The one positive thing I can say is that their reps are well trained to be calm and patient. But even the manager wouldn’t budge. She said the delivery cannot be cancelled and therefore the order cannot be cancelled. She said I would have had to cancel within their deadline to get my money back. She said that she’s sorry that the website is not as explanatory as it could be.

Eventually she said we can “meet in the middle,” but the only way she would do that is to offer me a discount on yet another order beyond the one that apparently is coming. I don’t want any orders to begin with. So eventually I told her I would contact the credit card company. She stayed patient, and then this happened:

She insisted that there is indeed a checkout process and she described it in these steps:

1. The order is placed once the customer enters the delivery information

2. The Website gives available delivery date

3. The Website offers a dropdown with alternative dates in case the delivery date doesn’t work for the customer

Clearly, this is not a checkout process. So I then went into my citicard account to dispute the charge. The closest subject I could find was unrecognized charge because it was an unexpected charge. Citicard asked no questions and the landing page and followup email said this is a permanent refund. I wonder if they have some kind of flag on HelloFresh?

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $34.

Preferred solution: I disputed the charge. The charge card company gave me a permanent refund.

I liked: Service rep manager was patient.

I didn't like: Manager did not have the ability to issue a refund, Website has a misleading checkout process, Website is hard to use and understand, Offered discount on 2nd order but i never wanted the 1st order.

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