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I was going to try your products until I saw your interracial commerical. I'm a white male, and I find mixed race couples offensive, as well as same sex couples.

I know a lot of people white, black, even mexican who feel the same way I do.

It's immortal and disguising. I hope you lose many more customers because of this disguising commercial.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hellofresh Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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He’s right. It’s completely disgilusting.

That’s not how people are supposed to live their lives. We were made different for a reason. Life is much easier when we stick with our own tribe.

Whites, blacks, Asians, Latin people and whoever else it’s out there need not mix. Keep the world diverse.


It's "immoral" and "disguising", is it? Racists are such ROCKET SCIENTISTS! No wonder Trump "loves the uneducated" -- they're his racist, misogynistic, homophobic base.

to K Keddiddlehoffer #1628706

Hello Fresh I am a black woman and I don't see anything wrong with the commercial it is the way of the world. People can't help who they love no matter the color.


The person who posted that is a racist jerk! It's the world now and if you don't like it feel fresh to lock yourself up in your own small world and never come out!


You are ignorant! Period! Ugh


Did your white wife leave you for a black man???

to J.Jones #1602568

Had to have


Well it is a new generation your kind and your views will be dead and gone soon. I'm sure hello fresh will ignore your comment because there are more who like the commercial than don't Mr or racist.

Who wants your kind buying their products anyway. America will never move ahead with people like you.


This OP has clearly won the day. This post was obviously for no reason other than to rile people up.


Yeah, you don’t get an MS diagnosis via the phone and it’s not just being tired all the time. Poorly executed commercial.


It is disgusting because the woman is also obviously the boss, and the man is a little *** It looks like SJW brainwash propaganda ***


I agree. I was going to try as well, until I noticed how they seem to be catering to the welfare class. Most be able to use the EBT card.


I am a black attack helicopter, and I find this commercial to be out of touch with reality. Cooking is still cooking whether you take it out of a box or take it out of your refrigerator or cupboard.

If you too tired to measure or prep ingredients, you probably shouldn’t be in the kitchen in the first place. Flames, knives and fatigue don’t mix.


I agree both ugly disgusting I will do everything in my power to stop people from using this product

to Tom bashore #1575987

Your racist


Maybe passed customer should learn to spell disgusting, what a racist moron!




Hellofresh has a commercial featuring a black woman & white guy couple at home being affectionate as they cook. The commercial is an SNL skit.

The black woman reminds you of Leslie Jones, and the guy reminds you of Taran Killam. The commercial is actually making fun of 2 diametrically opposite characters because every knows its full on bs. The actors in that commercial will never in a million years be a couple.

Nor do they mirror the real world. Shame on Hellofresh for getting too rad trying to force social engineering when they're supposed to be selling food.

to SunnyM #1587635

But what about Robert diNero and his wife? They mirror this couple... and its not a million years later.


First you obviously have little or no education, so i take what you wrote AND your thoughts with a grain of salt- the word is immoral not immortal (LOL)! i am a black female married to a white man - and proud of it.

I seriously doubt you "know" any black people and I'm sure they didn't hang out with YOU discussing your racist hate opinions of a Hello Fresh commercial. I bet you wouldn't say this in a black persons face! Keep your evil opinions to yourself.

This works needs LOVE. Look it up.

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